Fair Dinkum Weed Control Service

To keep weeds under control in your lawns and gardens we recommend a combination of manual weeding, mulching and herbicide application. Enquire now to find out how we can help you. Or simply go to our online quote page to arrange a quote online.

We offer 2 kinds of chemical weed control

GENERAL WEED SPRAY – This is applied generally on hard surfaces such as foot paths, driveways and paved areas to kill weeds growing through cracks. We can also carefully spray unwanted weeds in garden beds around fence lines, behind sheds and any other area where trimming or mowing is unsafe or impractical. This service does NOT include spraying of lawns for bindii and clover.

SELECTIVE WEED SPRAY РWe use a selective herbicide to control broad-leaf weeds in your lawn such as bindii and clover. This is best applied when the weeds are growing vigorously and before flowering. In some cases, more than one application may be required.

HAND WEEDING – For a limited time, during the cooler months, when the lawns are not growing, we provide a hand weeding service upon request. Hand weeding involves pulling out weeds from your garden beds by hand. Hand weeding is very time consuming and, for this reason, can be quite expensive. Some customers choose to have small sections done at regular intervals to spread the costs over time.