Fair Dinkum Lawnmowing and Edging Service

Our general lawn mowing service includes trimming of edges horizontally and vertically where required to give a nice sharp, professional finish.

After edging we generally will blow the clippings onto the lawn to be picked up by the lawnmower.

When mowing we will either mulch or catch depending on what is appropriate for your lawn. We always do our best to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best all year round.

After mowing we blow down the paths and driveways again as a final finishing touch. Unlike some other contractors, we do our best to minimise the amount of debris that ends up on the road. We prefer the only evidence of us being there to be a beautiful lawn that always looks freshly mown.

We will usually dispose of our clippings in your garden waste bin where available. We are also happy to take the clippings away, though there may be a small disposal fee if we find the amount of clippings to be excessive.

Enquire now to have your lawns looking awesome all year round.