Fair Dinkum Fertilising Service

Jason at Fair Dinkum Lawn and Garden care recommends fertilising your lawn with a good quality, slow release fertiliser three to four times per year.

Fertilising your lawn keeps it healthy all year round by providing essential nutrients. Fertilising your lawn, combined with regular watering and mowing also helps to keep your lawn weed free. The more healthy your lawn, the less chance weeds have to prosper.

A good practise to maintain a nice green healthy lawn is to fertilise at the start of every season. So, for example, if you want a really nice, green lawn for Christmas, you should fertilise in the last week of November to the first week of December with a good quality slow release fertiliser followed by regular mowing and a sensible watering regime.

  • Mow regularly. Every 5 – 14 days is recommended in peak growing season
  • Don’t cut the grass too low. You shouldn’t take more that 1/3 off the top of the grass leaves
  • Water deeply once a week.
  • Water your lawns early in the morning NOT in the evening.
  • Don’t water every day. It wastes water and can encourage fungal diseases in your lawn

NOTE: If the tips of the grass leaves start to turn yellow, the lawn probably needs a good drink. Don’t wait until it goes brown and crispy.

The fertiliser I use for the summer fertilisation, feeds the lawns and keeps them green for up to 3 months without the crazy sudden growth explosion you get from other faster acting fertilisers.

Lawn fertilising price guide

Please use the table below as a guide only.

Lawn Size Price
Up to 250m2 $60
250m2 to 550m2 $90
550m2 to 1000m2 $150
1000m2 and larger Price on inspection

Enquire now about our lawn fertilising service and you can have a great looking lawn all year round.