I have dogs. Will you still mow my lawns?

NO! If you have a dog or several dogs please do not even bother to call me.

I have tried to tolerate dogs for the past five years and have been met with the constant inconvenience and stomping through shit, having shit all over my clothes and shit spattered all over my face, in my eyes and even at times in my mouth.

And then there are the potholes they dig that damage my equipment and my ankles. I’ve been forced to take time off work in the past due to ankle injuries sustained in dog holes.

Last but not least is the inconvenience of having to schedule my day around dog owners that have to be home to lock them up.

So just to clarify, if you have a dog I WILL NOT EVEN OFFER YOU A QUOTE!

NOTE TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS : If you own a dog and I’m still doing your lawn, you are ok for now. But please continue to do the right thing by removing the land mines and filling the holes.