Spring may get here yet.

I was just reading an earlier post of mine regarding the arrival of spring and spring lawn care. Things have changed quite a bit since then as you might have noticed. At the time of that spring lawn care post back in August the lawns were just starting to get into good growth patterns. I saw a lot of green as I drove around St Clair. And was getting back to fortnightly lawn mowing.

Unfortunately that was short lived. Having no significant rainfall in the area between late June and early November knocks the lawns around. Add to that the October heatwave and we have, quite honestly, terrible conditions for grass growing.

If anyone noticed an unusual dust cloud floating around the area it was probably me.

So for me and anyone else who relies on good rainfall to make a living, the current downpour we are receiving is a massive blessing and brings a little hope that our families might have a nice Christmas after all.

So please go back and have another read of the Spring Lawn Care post, as a lot of it will still apply now.

And I might add that if you were considering fertilising your lawn soon, slap on a raincoat and some wellies and get out there now and throw it around while it’s still raining. You’ll save yourself the time needed to water it in. And the temperatures over the next week will be good to get the grass growing again before the heat sets in. The lawns should start to recover pretty quickly and we should have a nice green St Clair just in time for Christmas