Plan ahead for Christmas lawn mowing

If you want your lawns looking their best for Christmas day, you’d better plan ahead and book your lawn mowing professional early.

If you leave it to the last minute you could end up paying twice as much as you normally would, if you can even find someone who is not booked out.

Also don’t think you can pull a swifty by leaving your lawn an extra week or two so you can have it done closer to Christmas.

It just doesn’t work that way. At the time of this post, ALL lawns will need to be done AT LEAST twice more before Christmas.

In this hot, stormy weather, lawns really need to be mowed weekly. The longer the grass grows, the harder it is to mow. It takes longer, puts more wear on the equipment and the poor old bloke doing the work.


For me personally I will flat out refuse to mow lawns that are overgrown in the week leading up to Christmas. I will happily look after those who have looked after me throughout the year though.

For new customers, it’s not too late to book me in for a short term lawn care plan.


We are now in peak season, probably the most prolific growth we’ve experienced in the last three or four years. So for now, until it settles down we insist on fortnightly lawnmowing as a bare minimum. And if you book a weekly lawn mowing service for 3 months you will get a better price.

Those on a weekly service will get top priority and have their lawns mowed as close to Christmas as we can manage.

There are a couple of factors to bear in mind at this time of year though.
  1. Rain
  2. Extreme Heat/Humidity

Either of these weather conditions can put a spanner in the works for a small operation like my own. I keep a close eye on the weather all year round. But at this time of year it really worries me that some people might be left with unkempt lawns on Christmas Day due to extreme weather.

This is another reason to have your lawns mowed weekly at this time of year in particular. At least that way if your lawn mowing professional happens to lose time due to the weather, your lawn will still be reasonably ok for Christmas.

I really wish I could control the weather. But if I could do that I wouldn’t be mowing bloody lawns 🙂 I can tell you that for free 😉

So just keep that in mind. And try not to blame the lawn mowing bloke if the weather comes into play. I do make it quite clear to new customers that I pull the pin early on very hot days. Generally speaking if temperatures are forecast to be in the mid to high thirties or more, I usually finish by around 11am.

For Christmas I will try and drag it out as much as I can to make sure I get everyone in. But I have a wife and three very young boys who don’t need a broken down hubby/daddy for Christmas.


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