March 2014 – Grass growing madly

Don’t let your lawns grow out of control….

With 2014 now in full swing and the grass growing madly at the moment, it is really important that you keep on top of things to avoid your yard becoming a jungle.

Many lawns are now becoming unmanageable if left just 14 days between mows. So unfortunately, until the growth settles down again it is advised that you should mow your lawns weekly.

If your lawns and, in particular, your edges become overgrown by the time you decide to call us, there will almost certainly be a surcharge to account for the extra growth. When a lawn is overgrown it

  • takes considerably longer to mow
  • generates more green waste
  • requires more fuel
  • limits the amount of lawns we can do in a day
  • and puts more wear on all machinery used.

Even if we use your council green waste bin we sometimes still need to take grass away with us which results in another expense for us.

Generally speaking you will never save money by getting your lawns mowed less often. In many cases it may even cost you more.

So please consider this when considering calling us or any lawn mowing professional.