What do you mean by “overgrown lawn”?

This will depend largely on the length, “thickness”, type of grass etc. Sometimes a lawns can be a bit long but not terribly overgrown. Sometimes small areas may be overgrown but the lawn in general is “not too bad”. Every lawn is different and we like to carefully inspect each job before we give a firm price.  But as a general guide we use the following to determine the state of the lawn:-

  • If the grass it is above ankle height we class it as a slightly overgrown lawn.
  • A lawn that is around Shin Height is an overgrown lawn.
  • A lawn that is around Knee height is a completely overgrown lawn.
  • A lawn that is above knee height, or if the grass is so long that it has fallen over and continued to grow,  is classed as a jungle and will cost large amounts of money to tame. Please respect our right to decline such a job depending on our schedule and weather conditions.

See how often should I mow my lawn for a guide on how to avoid letting your lawns become overgrown.