We don’t have any money this week. Can you put our lawns off until next week?

Our prices for lawn mowing are based on 2 weekly mowing in peak season. If for any reason, you need to put the mowing of your lawns off for any period beyond 2 weeks (in peak growing season), there will be an additional charge at the rate of half your normal rate per week.

For example if your normal rate is $50 per fortnight for your lawns and you need to leave it 3 weeks instead of 2, it will cost you $75. If you leave it 4 weeks, it will cost $100 and so on.

We do however understand that sometimes things come up and lawn mowing is not always the number 1 priority. In these cases we would much rather mow the lawns on schedule and come to some arrangement for payment to be made at a later date.  All we ask is that you give us prior notice of your situation so we can come to some arrangement before we do the job.

Please be aware that we do not provide credit and special arrangements will only be offered, at our discretion, to clients we have been servicing on a regular basis for a minimum of 3 months.